Moro Gelato

Maybe you didn’t know...

Moro means?

Moro is the last name of our gelato master. In northern Italy (where the Moro family came from) moro means mulberry tree, a plant that was fundamental in the 1800s to feed the silk worms whose thread was used by the flourishing silk industries close to Milano.

Never heard of gelato master?

A gelato master is just like a chef, but cooks below zero degrees , only with the best ingredients. quality is his obsession, and since our gelato master Stefano Moro never met a unicorn or seen bubble gum growing on a tree, you’ll never find those flavours in his recipe book. He’s an artisan that doesn’t use colourants or other chemical shortcuts.

The birth of a passion:

It was 1982 when the Moro family received one of the first home gelato making machines. It was a prototype from a company to thank our gelato master’s granpa for helping develop the modern gelato machines, which all gelato artisans use nowadays. Granpa had a factory of washing machines, and he gave his new technology to make a drum rotate vertically to be applied to old school horizontal gelato machines . That’s why still nowadays the modern gelato making machines with a vertical drum have the nickname “the washing machines”. That 1982 summer for the Moro recipes the delivery boys of the local producers brought to the family the freshest ingredients on their bicycles. Some of those recipes we still make in our Moro kitchen today.

What makes Moro special?

We make gelato like it used to be made, by hand, from scratch, and with seasonal ingredients. To help preserve our gelato in a natural way we also use the traditional “pozzetti”, the sunken counters where gelato is protected from air, light and temperature fluctuation. You can’t see it but it’s all for a much better quality. At Moro we make slow food, instead of fast food.

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