Moro Gelato

We make fresh gelato every week from scratch. Our ingredients are Natural and Seasonal and so are our flavours.

Please visit one of our shops in Cape Town or Stellenbosch

to see our flavours of the day.

Here is our complete flavour list:


The Creamy and Nutty taste of real Pistacchio di Bronte in Sicilia... mmmmh!


Vanilla from Tahiti combined with Macadamia Nuts and Caramalised Almonds. Wow!


Just Hazelnut. Full Stop.

Ricotta e Fichi

Creamy and light Ricotta with Fig!


(Strawberry Sorbetto) V

This Sorbetto made from fresh Strawberries is a must...



(Lemon Sorbetto) V

...but sometimes Lemon Sorbetto tastes even better



A Rich Deep Dark Chocolate.



This coffee gelato is rich, smooth and very creamy...



(Sorbetto) V

The Mangoes almost jump out at you. A Tropical All Natural Bomb of a Sorbetto.


Herzoggie Cookie

The mainly Coconut base with Apricot Jam, Superlight Meringue and bits of biscuit tastes like a little cloud in Heaven...hmmm



(Raspberry Sorbetto) V

Little sweet and slightly tart Raspberries make this a refreshing seasonal Sorbetto!


Cherry Croccante

Fresh Cream and Milk (Fior di Latte) Gelato with Cherry Sauce and caramalised nuts.



(Naartjie Sorbetto) V

Also known as a Naartjie, the Mandarino makes a refreshing Sorbetto to enjoy from the beginning of Autumn.


Salty Caramel Popcorn

It's Salty, ... It's Caramel ... It's Popcorn!!!



Full cream fresh Jersey Cow Yogurt is the main ingredient in this gelato.


Black Forest

Our delicious Dark Chocolate with added cherries and Chocolate Cake.


Coconut Stracciatella

Coconuts and Cocoa... This white creamy Coconut gelato with Chocolate specks takes you away to far-off places.



We make our Tiramisù the traditional way with Egg yolks, Coffee, Savoiardi biscuits and Mascarpone. Just like Nonna used to make!



La Colomba, the sister to Panettone, is the Italian Easter Cake. It contains caramalised almonds and Orange peel... Available only during Easter Season!


Salted Caramel Toffee



(Sorbetto) V

Crisp Crunchy apple transformed into a smooth sorbetto.


Toast and Jam

Gelato made with real toast, butter and apricot jam.



(Sorbetto) V

The colour of our Blackberry Sorbetto is so pretty, but the taste is even lovelier.


Milk Tart

A piece of creamy, Cinnamoney South African heritage transformed into gelato.



(Beetroot, Ginger and Apple Sorbetto) V

This is a refreshing Sorbetto with ingredients that are mostly in season all year round.



(Nectarine Sorbetto) V

Known as a Pesca Noce in Italy, Nectarines make a delicious sorbetto. The Nectarine Season is just too short!



Another delicacy from the Mediterranean transformed into gelato. This time we are talking the Sesame seeds and Tahini paste used to make delectable halva.


Fior di Latte

The simple taste of fresh cream and milk. No flavourants are added. It's just creamy and Naturally white.



(Sorbetto) V

Bananas are available most of the year. We use local small and sweet bananas.


Moka Choco

Fresh mascarpone and coffee cream, with coffee pralines and home made hazelnut spread.


Hazelnut Sorbetto

(Sorbetto) V

Same recipe as Nocciola but without the dairy. Hazelnut water based gelato.


Chocolate Sorbetto

(Sorbetto) V

70% belgian chocolate water based gelato. Same recipe as Cioccolato, but without the dairy.


White Mint Choc Chip

Refreshing milky mint and dark chocolate, a great combination.


Rooibos Tea

Rooibos with Milk.



(Sorbetto) V

It's super creamy, but contains no dairy.


Crema Sorrento

This Italian Egg Custard with a touch of lemon is a mainstay in its country of origin. Italians have been enjoying it since the invention of gelato.



(Passion fruit Sorbetto) V

Subtropical Sorbetto just the way we like it.


Blonde Chocolate with salted Lime

Caramalised white chocolate and lime zest sprinkled with salt.



Marbled white chocolate interrupted by Chocolate-Hazelnut veins.


Turmeric Ginger Lemon

(Sorbetto) V

The Summer sun is bursting forth out of this most refreshing Sorbetto.


Peanut Paradiso

(Sorbetto) V

Smooth Peanut Butter goodness with a Crunchy Swirl.


Ginger Crema

How about some Zenzero in your Crema? If you like fresh Ginger Juice, you will love this!


Pecan Pie

Fresh Pecan Nuts in a Pie crumble


Vaniglia Reale

We finally had to give in to the pressure...and then we made the best Vanilla Pod gelato in Town.


Caramel Cookie Crumble

Speculoos Cookie Crumble with a Speculoos Spread. The best!


Bacio di Dama

Hazelnut Gelato with Chocolate Ganache and toasted Almonds covered in Chocolate.


Lemon Meringue

Lemon Curd Swirls in Milky Lemon Gelato with Butter Cookie Crumble.


Black Sesame Seed



Green Matcha Tea with Milk


Stella Stracciatella

Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate Chips.


Strawberries and Cream

Naturally Pink Strawberry Gelato with a Red Strawberry Swirl.


Mint Stracciatella

(Sorbetto) V

The Plant based Version of our popular White Mint flavour with Dark Chocolate Chips.


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